Planning & Support


Throughout the past year, TABS and volunteer Working Groups indexed the issues, consulted with experts, identified relevant analogues, and proposed “quick sprint” surveys — most of which are now archived on this site.

As schools enter a “post-lockdown, pre-vaccine” world, the most immediate and pressing questions for 2020-21 concern whether, when, and how schools can reopen and operate their campuses safely. TABS is focused on developing tools, resources, and guidelines schools can use to navigate the unique health considerations for residential life and 24/7 academic communities.

School leaders are facing historic levels of uncertainty across a multitude of dimensions, including profound financial unpredictability. Almost all schools are beginning to develop various financial scenarios for 2020-21, 2021-22, and beyond. During this period of “creative destruction,” TABS will help accelerate, enrich, and support scenario-planning and adaptive strategic thinking.