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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and shortage of materials hospitals are facing, a group of high school students and faculty at SBS have come up with a solution that can be produced in the STEM Lab and, soon, across the country—protective face shields at a fraction of the originally expected time and cost.

Want to know how Baylor is making a positive difference in the world? Watch this segment on MSNBC about two research scientists and faculty members at Baylor School who are helping with COVID – 19 testing.

The Delphian School in Oregon is offering free online classes for children and teens where they can learn anything from history and science, to programming and music.

For most of the school’s nearly 200 years, students have come together in the Chapel on Mondays and Fridays for all-school Morning Meetings.

What started as a local project between six friends from Rumsey Hall has evolved into a group effort, involving students from boarding schools in Connecticut and Massachusetts — making masks for shelter residents in need.