Residential & Student Life Survey Results



Open Comments/Other

I work nights for the residential life department. Generally, I have no insight as to what others may have been experiencing in my school system.

It has been a difficult transition for some faculty as they continue ‘teaching as normal’ & through survey data we learned that a good percentage of our students who took the survey reported receiving more homework/work with online learning than before. Something we need to address as we look to skill build and connect with our students & perhaps forgo some content while still preparing them to progress to the next level of learning.

We are still technically on our March break. We are just beginning the process of faculty online training. We will begin online learning April 14. We re looking to continue community involvement and participation, looking for ideas.

We will return from Spring Break soon, and will conduct parent and student training about boundaries and policies at that time.

Administration has wanted to do all communication with little input from counseling dept

From my perspective, we trained our students, and staff and explained well our continued support to them concerning well-being. Our campus Counselor, Mentors, and Chaplain are all having weekly interactions with our students and any other family members interested.

Residence is offering a mix of one-on-one check-ins with boarding staff, homework help, and group drop-ins for skills development and social connection. These sessions are not mandatory.

We formally begin remote learning tomorrow as we have been on spring break so some of the answers are looking ahead. The counseling piece is a combination of the first two answers.

We still have some international students on campus who can’t get home. I’m wondering if anyone else does as well, and how they’re managing that if they do.