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Trace Innovations, LLC
Porter Grieve, CEO and Co-Founder
(978) 500-1531

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Energy Optimization Services (EOS)
Michael Souza, Account Manager
(410) 349-7652

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See example here from Arizona State University

Marriott Corporation
Betsy Totten, Global Account Executive
Mobile (617) 596-3242

Read: Marriott’s Commitment to Clean

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Single Point of Contact

Halosil International
Maryalice StClair, Chief Commercial Officer
(302) 454-8102 x1006

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Gabe Jackson
(617) 326-5308

TABS Members Receive a 17% Discount
for Thermal Scanners

Continuous Air & Surface Pathogen Reduction
John Coffee, Director of Business Development | (214) 437.3266

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If you’re searching for testing partners, you might want to look into these companies currently contracting with TABS member schools. Additionally, many schools are having success working with their local universities, hospitals or other medical centers for testing needs.

Boarding School Plans & Policies

Your school has likely produced any number of COVID-19 policies, opening plans, flow charts, infographics, forms, surveys, and letters. Please email them to Amy Rowe for loading to our School Policy Exchange and posting to the next newsletter.


From TABS members, Interlochen Center for the Arts (MI) & Western Reserve Academy (OH)

July 6, 2020 • Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School


This library is a compilation of published data on K-12 schools, cataloging best practices to prevent and manage COVID-19 infection re-opening efforts this year.


Unexpectedly, study predicts that NOT opening campus could result in MORE infections, given that a large number of students intend to return to Ithaca, regardless. The conclusion is that infections will inevitably occur and the aim is to mitigate spread and intensity of disease, while providing continuity of education.

See chart on p. 6-14 for “Key Recommendations for Teaching Reactivation”

The semester long testing spend will be $3-$5 million for 35,000 people and will include both on-arrival and once a week testing. Recommendations are for a robust, mandatory, pooled testing program, contact tracing, and quarantine.

• students must complete re-entry action items for full re-activation of key cards;
• recommended that students take an online course about the pandemic that incorporates broad disciplinary perspectives;
• progressive sanctions for behavior violations;
• data surveillance following the cadence of infections;
• text-based COVID-19 Tip Line for reporting behavioral violations;
• wastewater testing;
• policy modifications to assure students are not incentivized to take health and safety risks
• students provided immunity for activities they disclose during contact tracing