A Boarding Message

Like everyone, your life as a boarding school student or parent has been affected by the enormous impact of Covid-19. No one could have imagined just a few months ago that boarding schools across the world would be shut, thousands of young people would face the stress and struggle of trying to get home and pupils would now be getting their learning on-line at home instead of enjoying life in their boarding houses at school. 
It is natural to be worried at this time. Not just about the health and welfare of family and friends, but also the uncertainty of when schools will reopen and ‘normal’ boarding life can begin again. 
Until the danger and impact of Covid-19 has truly passed, it is difficult to answer these questions. Yet despite this uncertainty, there are some things about boarders and boarding schools around the world, that we DO know. 
Being a boarder means developing confidence, supporting your friends and community and become resilient. These are all amazing personal qualities that thousands of boarders will be drawing upon to help themselves and others at this difficult times. 
Boarding schools were amazing places before this crisis began and will continue to be when it’s over. No global pandemic will ever daunt the worldwide community of boarding! 
And finally… 
Boarding school staff care deeply about the young people they look after and support. They remain dedicated to parents and students during this crisis and look forward to welcoming back their boarders as soon as they can. 
Dee, Robin, Richard and Pete 

Dee Guillemot-Rodgerson, National Co-ordinator, New Zealand Boarding Schools Association, Christchurch, New Zealand 

Robin Fletcher, Chief Executive, Boarding Schools’ Association, London, England

Richard Stokes, Chief Executive, The Australian Boarding Schools Association, Australia  

Pete Upham, Executive Director, The Association of Boarding Schools, North Carolina, USA